ESC! Magazine
Volume 6, Number 2
Release Date October 17, 2002

This edition bookends the 10th anniversary of the very first issue of ESC! Magazine and features all new fiction by Brendan Connell and Bob Potocki.  I'm also happy to bring you the start of a new trilogy by ESC! regular, Joyce Bradshaw.

&, our poetry section, highlights works by contributing editors Guy Qualls and Robert Potter as well as a new piece by poet Farida Mihoub.

Our cover illustration is based on "Vex: Dia De Los Muertos" (also found inside) a continuing chapter of the Vex saga by Paul Tucker.

Finally, page 20 brings you a new Meet the Author section.  This issue features writer Miriam Lee, someone whose name long-time readers may recognize.  Miriam's work first appeared in the Summer 1993 issue of ESC! Magazine.

If you've enjoyed reading this latest issue of ESC! Magazine, please consider purchasing your downloaded copy, buying the Premium Printed Edition or snagging something from the ESC!Mag Swag online store.  With your support, ESC! Magazine can continue to help aspiring Writers and Artists get published for the very first time.

Table of Contents


Dancing Dead - Cover Illustration
Vex: Dia De Los Muertos

Paul Tucker


The Wall of Aloes
Brendan Connell

The Wanderers - Part 1
Joyce G. Bradshaw

The Muse
Bob Potocki


Robert Potter

Memories Avoid
Memories Devoid
Hear the Birds

Guy R. Qualls

Send Me A Picture
Farida Mihoub

ESC! Magazine V6N2 Cover

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