ESC! Magazine
Volume 10, Number 1
Release Date April 30, 2006

Welcome to issue 21 of ESC! Magazine.

ESC! welcomes back Diane Payne to this issue as well as four more great new stories from Cody Meirick, Jim Kohl, Ryan Bruner and Edward McDermott.

Ryan G. Van Cleave joins us once again in &, our poetry section. And I'd like to welcome two newcomers to ESC! Magazine, Richard Fein and Adrian S. Potter.

In our Reading Lounge, you'll find two new book reviews by Charles Ries and some quick tips on subscribing to our RSS feeds using iTunes or Juice Receiver.

This month's cover, "Woodland Faeries", was contributed by my good friend and long time ESC! contributer and artistic consultant, Paul Tucker.

By purchasing the Premium Printed Edition or snagging something from the ESC!Mag Gear online store, ESC! Magazine can continue to publish aspiring Writers and Artists for years to come.

Table of Contents


Woodland Faeries
Paul Tucker


Half Moon Tree
Ryan Bruner

Like A Tattoo
Jim Kohl

The Whistler
Edward McDermott

This Ice Cream World
Cody Meirick

Diane Payne


All That Glitters
Live Free and Die
Richard Fein

The Homewrecker
Adrian S. Potter

A P.S. on Narcissus
Ryan G. Van Cleave


The Seedy Underbelly of the High-Falutin' Oversoul
- by Steve Henn
The Last Redcoat
- by Oren Wagner
- by Nancy Gauquier


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